Completed Projects

UActivity recognition using ear-worn sensors and machine lear...Davide CasniciMatías LaporteSeptember, 2022
UStatistical Analysis for Affect and Learning in the LAUREAT...Cindy Guerrero ToroMatías LaporteSeptember, 2022
BMUExplainable AI through counterfactual explanationsPiotr RomashovMartin GjoreskiAugust, 2022
MGenerative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for human mobility tr...Ivan FontanaMartin GjoreskiJuly, 2022
BMUPrivacy-aware human mobility modelingJose Castro Elizondo EzequielMartin GjoreskiJune, 2022
UExploring LAUREATE- the Longitudinal multimodAl stUdent expe...Daniele GaspariniMatías LaporteJune, 2022
BMUDeep learning models for human mobility modelingRoland HolensteinMartin GjoreskiJune, 2021
MPhysiological Synchrony and its Effects on Recall in Peer Me...Luca AlbinatiMatías LaporteMarch, 2021
BCreating an Experimental Apparatus for a Digital Health Lite...Robert JansMarc LangheinrichJanuary, 2021
MPersonalized Shared Public Displays: Supporting Multi-user W...Filip ZivkovicIvan ElhartSeptember, 2018
UMoviePlus – A Platform for Sharing Digital Content For Aug...Bianca StancuAnton FedosovSeptember, 2018
UCollaborative Economy Practices and Communities in Switzerla...Masako KitazakiAnton FedosovJune, 2018
UJust Share It: A Decentralized Autonomous System to Support ...Egor ErmolaevAgon BexhetiAnton FedosovMay, 2018
MEvaluating Secure Personal Memory Sharing with Co-Located Pe...Jacob JeyaraAgon BexhetiEvangelos NiforatosFebruary, 2018
BA Web-based Application for Visualizing Personal MemoriesFederico PfahlerAgon BexhetiFebruary, 2018
MA tangible interface for controlling capture and sharing of ...Matteo PontiggiaAgon BexhetiSeptember, 2017
MInvestigating the dichotomy of sharing practices in virtual ...Jeremías AlbanoAnton FedosovJuly, 2017
BPersonalized Public Displays: Designing Interactive Display ...Francesco Saverio ZuppichiniIvan ElhartJune, 2017
MEvaluating a Human Memory Augmentation App (RECALL.C)Matias LaporteEvangelos NiforatosJune, 2017
MAttentive Public Displays: Understanding Audience Moving Pat...Cristian Gomez MoraIvan ElhartSeptember, 2016
URoaming Objects – Object-encoded Digital ExperiencesLucas PennatiAnton FedosovAugust, 2016
BPublic Displays for Monitoring and Improving Community Wellb...Matteo PiergiovanniEvangelos NiforatosIvan ElhartJune, 2016
MWeatherUSI: Crowd Sourcing the Weather on Public DisplaysAhmed FouadEvangelos NiforatosJanuary, 2016
BSmartHelmet: Using LIDAR sensing to alert skiers.Filippo FerrarioEvangelos NiforatosSeptember, 2015
MA Classification Scheme of Lifelogging User InterfacesDaniel CardozoEvangelos NiforatosSeptember, 2015
UA Toolchain for Visual MemoryLucas PennatiAgon BexhetiAugust, 2015
UCo-Located AR Based Display SharingAlexander NorthAnton FedosovAugust, 2015
MUncovering needs and requirements for data sharing activitie...Nadeen AlkaydiAnton FedosovAugust, 2015
BDisplays Mobile Application: A Mobile Interface for Customiz...Talal El AfchalIvan ElhartJune, 2015
BPulseCam: Capture your truly significant momentsChristian VuerichEvangelos NiforatosMay, 2015
MNDA: Developing Networked Public Display Analytics Based on ...Miloš NikolićIvan ElhartSeptember, 2014
MReactive Displays: Supporting Dynamic Display Behavior Using...Alessandro GusmeroliIvan ElhartSeptember, 2014
URe-Live the Moment: Visualizing Run Experiences to Motivate ...Jesper FindahlAgon BexhetiEvangelos NiforatosAugust, 2014
MShadow: An Application Selection Interface for Pervasive Pub...Federico ScacchiIvan ElhartAugust, 2014
BTacita-Mobile: Controlling Content Presentation on Personali...Mattia CandeloroIvan ElhartJune, 2012
BUSIDisplays: Designing a Multi-Application Display Experienc...Marcello RomanelliIvan ElhartJune, 2012
MA Crowd-Sensor for Context-Aware Public DisplaysPietro FormentiIvan ElhartSeptember, 2011
BFunSquare: The Community InterfaceAndrea MichelottiIvan ElhartNemanja MemarovicJune, 2011
BFunSquare: The Fun Fact GeneratorThomas SelberIvan ElhartNemanja MemarovicJune, 2011
BFunSquare: The Context CollectorMatteo BellanIvan ElhartJune, 2011
BTable Tennis Paddle Detection Library for Microsoft KinectFabio RamboneRandolf SchärfigJune, 2011
BPublic Reactive DisplaysFederico CaputoNemanja MemarovicSeptember, 2010