Student Projects

Affect and Learning in the LAUREATE Dataset

Type: Master
Status: Completed
Student: Enqi Fu

Affective states and cognition share a close relationship, influencing each other in several ways. In particular, our affect, i.e. our feelings and mood, impacts our perception of the world, our memory, and our decisions. This relationship also influences the cognitive process of learning. Working towards personalised student interventions for improving learning and mental well-being, we conducted a longitudinal study during a university semester. The resulting dataset, called LAUREATE (the Longitudinal multimodAl student expeRience datasEt for AffecT and mEmory research), consists of daily self-reports from students, audiovisual material from lectures, physiological signals from students and lecturers, students’ grades, and more. In this work, we present an initial analysis of lecturers’ and students’ experiences during lectures in terms of self-reported affect, especially positive activation (PA), negative activation (NA), valence (VA), and engagement.



For more information contact: Matías Laporte