Student Projects

FunSquare: The Context Collector

Type: Bachelor
Status: Completed June 2011
Student: Matteo Bellan

In a world where social networks diffusion is limiting face-to-face interactions, a dedicated technology can bring them back in the place where they originated: squares and cities. Public Displays networks, as a growing research field with a very high potential, are the perfect tool for such a purpose. Within the FunSquare project, the goal is to build a public display application that provides conversational topics and, by becoming a special feature of the place, helps stimulating socialization through triangulation, an effect where a special feature of a place acts as a link between people.

The FunSquare Context Collector (FCC) is a core module of the FunSquare project. Its goal is to automatically gather -from different sources across a city and on the web- information about the places where the displays are located, in order to attract people with something they feel to be part of.

For more information contact: Ivan Elhart