Prof. Santini’s work centers on the use of mobile and wearable computing to sense human behavior and health. Prof. Langheinrich’s work has the goal of providing people with usable and secure ubiquitous computing systems that provide tangible benefits in an easy-to-use and engaging manner. The group’s overall work focuses on devices, interfaces, and infrastructures, as well as the social and economic environments that surround them. You can find the results of this in our list of publications.

Below you will find a list of current and past projects that should illustrate the types of problems that we are working on. If you are looking for a topic for your Master’s thesis or Bachelor project, see our list of available student theses.

Current Projects

BASE – Behavorial Analytics for Smart Environments

Funding Source: SNF

Behavioral analytics is widely recognized as being key to providing new services and solutions in many application domains. The key to behavioral analytics is to be able to identify and track individual user interactions across time and space (e.g., Web server logs). However, currently there are no viable mechanisms for service providers to track user interactions in the real world without raising significant privacy concerns. BASE develops a new privacy-aware method for understanding human behavior through activity traces (e.g., GPS, smartphone app launches). The work is based on state-of-the-art federated machine-learning approaches.

Past Projects

From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy
SHARING21 – Future Digital Sharing Interfaces
PersonAAL – Improving Quality of Life and Remote Care
CYBERPARKS: ICT and Public Spaces
Uncovering Privacy Concerns for Public Display Personalisation
RECALL – Enhanced Human Memory
APD – Attentive Public Displays
SAPIENT – Supporting Fundamental Rights, Privacy and Ethics in Surveillance Technologies
PALS – Privacy-Aware Location Sharing
PD-NET – Towards Future Pervasive Display Networks
LiSS: Living in Surveillance Societies