Student Projects

A Web-based Application for Visualizing Personal Memories

Type: Bachelor
Status: Completed February 2018
Student: Federico Pfahler

Using wearable and mobile devices people now can fully log their life in pictures, audio or even video recordings. Reviewing such “life-logs” can support users in recollecting memories of past events and potentially improve their overall cognitive abilities. In this project, we focus on visual logs, namely images, as this type of data offers the strongest influence in recalling past memories. In addition to first-person view images that one can capture with their wearable camera (e.g., Narrative Clip or Microsoft SenseCam), users can also obtain first-person view images captured by others or even third-person view images recorded by fixed infrastructure cameras.

Once such data is captured, they have to be displayed to the users in useful and attractive visualizations. The aim of this project is in designing and developing an interface for visualizing the pool of visual traces as captured by users’ wearable cameras as well as images obtained from other sources. Starting from a pre-designed mock-up and the results from a usability test of the mock-up, the student will develop a web-based application that visualizes captured images in a compact but still useful way. The application should follow a responsive design, i.e., render well in both big sized screens (e.g., laptop and desktop) and smaller variants (tablets and phones). Moreover, the application should be integrated with the back-end database that stores captured images.
Solid web-development skills required, while strong interest in data visualization is a plus.

For more information contact: Agon Bexheti