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IEEE Pervasive: Jan-Mar 2021 issue is out!

IEEE Pervasive: Jan-Mar 2021 issue is out!

The latest issue of IEEE Pervasive is out! The Jan-Mar 2021 issue features Guest Editors Florian Michahelles, Nadya Peek,
and Simon Mayer and their selection of articles on Pervasive Fabrication: Making Anything, Anywhere!

Pervasive fabrication technologies including 3D printing, computer-controlled milling, and robotic assembly are increasingly accessible and broadly applied. The precision of computer control without a high upfront investment in tooling coupled with human ingenuity enables more flexibility and shorter cycles of production runs. These developments are driving industry initiatives ranging from mass-customization to factory 4.0. In industrial manufacturing many open research questions remain, including how computation contributes to artifact design and simulation of characteristics of material, manufacturing process automation, testing, and verification.

You can access their Guest Editors’ Introduction and Marc‘s EIC message (“Prepare for Impact!“) free of charge on the issue’s homepage.