Computer Networking

Goal of the course is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge of human-centered design of interfaces for computing systems.

The course starts with an introduction to ethics that investigates the many ways and venues information and communication technologies can be used maliciously. The course moves on to introduce the concept of user-centred design to produce usable, useful and used tools. The different stages from ideation to paper prototyping are covered in theory and practice.

Teaching Mode

Theoretical concepts will be provided through instructor-led lectures. Theory will be put to good use in practice, by letting students engage in group work to deliver a project, developed through progressive stages of design and prototyping.


ClassSemesterInstructorTeaching Assistant(s)
Computer Networking 2023 Spring
Computer Networking 2022 Spring
Computer Networking 2021 Spring
Computer Networking 2020 Spring
Pietro Giuseppe Bressana | Matías Laporte
Computer Networking 2018 Fall
Theodore Jepsen | Ali Fattaholmanan
Computer Networking 2017 Fall

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